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Dog Goes to Forever Home with Shelter Volunteer

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By KristenHG

Dog Goes to Forever Home with Shelter Volunteer

Danny the Kelpie Mix Shelter Dog

Animal's Name and Type

Danny, a Kelpie mix

What is the animal's story?

I'm a volunteer dog walker at the local shelter, and when I took Danny out for 15 minutes on Friday, I thought he was pretty great. When I brought my husband back on Saturday to meet him, I found out I wasn't the only one who liked him. A family had been with him in one of the pet-meet rooms for an hour. We met with another dog who didn't really click with us, and went home.

The next morning, I checked the shelter's web site -- Danny hadn't been adopted! So we hustled back the shelter, met him ourselves, and claimed him for our own. In line to finalize the adoption and pay for all our stuff ($300 for a fixed dog, kennel, bowls, and Kongs), I met the family who had spent so much time with Danny the day before. They had really liked him, but chose instead to adopt a younger Kelpie puppy.

I am so glad they did. Danny has been great. We've had him about a year, and we had to teach him everything -- how to walk on a leash, how to take treats gently, how to greet another dog, and basic commands. We did not have to teach him how to play fetch with a ball. He's a natural at that -- and faster than we can throw the ball.


  • There are so many great animals in shelters, of all breeds and sizes and mixes and colors -- even puppies and purebreds, if that's what you're looking for. Danny was labeled a "Second Chance" dog, having come from another shelter where he hadn't found a home. Every dog in the shelter would like a second chance.

What is this animal's life like now?

Right this very second, having taken our 60-minute morning walk, Danny is sleeping with his rope toy in my home office on a pillow that I had set up for myself when I want to read. He'll make room for me if I ask him, though.

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