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A Bulldog for a Pitbull-Lab Mix

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By jenniferkennedy

A Bulldog for a Pitbull-Lab Mix

Roxie (English Bulldog) and Fenway (Pitbull-Lab mix)

Animal's Name and Type

Roxie, female English Bulldog

What is the animal's story?

We had already rescued a pitbull/lab mix from a shelter, and he's a very active dog. He had played with a friend's English bulldog, and they were a great match. When we started thinking about getting a second dog, we were thinking about getting an English bulldog because we were looking for a dog smaller in size than our 60-pound pitbull mix, but one who could put up with his rough-and-tumble style of playing. I got onto Petfinder one day, and there happened to be a 2-year old bulldog in foster care about 1.5 hours away. We visited her and brought our dog, and it was almost like "love at first sight" between the two dogs - they got along well immediately. Petfinder was a great resource - the bulldog was officially in the care of a Humane Society, but their policy was to keep most of the animals in a foster home until they were adopted. We met a wonderful woman who was a great resource after we brought the dog home. I've worked in a shelter before and felt strongly about adopting a shelter dog.


  • As mentioned above, I've worked in a shelter before, and it wasn't a no-kill shelter - so I saw firsthand how many dogs were 'put down' just because they had been in the shelter so long - or because they had behavior problems that might be too challenging for the average pet owner. There are so many great dogs in shelters. Sometimes you have to wait awhile for the right one to come along, but it's so worth it.
  • We adopted our two dogs from different shelters, and both were great resources even after the dogs came home - they called to check in and offer advice, and we had free obedience training.

What is this animal's life like now?

It turned out that there was a LONG adjustment period, as the two dogs tried to figure out their places in the household. We experienced many dog 'arguments.' Be prepared for the unexpected, and stick with it - now both dogs are 8-10 years old, get along well, and play like 2-year olds!

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