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Wildlife - Hunting, Wildlife Management and Endangered Species

In the United States, several federal laws protect wildlife, but most wildlife is managed at the state level. Certain species are also managed at the international level. This page will explore wildlife management at all levels, including hunting, non-lethal management and endangered species.

Arguments For and Against Hunting
The arguments for and against hunting are both practical and ethical. This page explains the arguments about wildlife management, ethics, recreation, and human/deer conflicts.

Hunting Myths and Facts
Sort out the hunting myths from the hunting facts. Learn the facts about hunting, wildlife mangement, and Lyme disease that hunters don't want you to know.

Human Overpopulation
Human overpopulation is an animal rights issue as well as an environmental issue and a human rights issue. Human activities take habitat away from wild animals as well as kill animals directly.

How to Live With or Get Rid of Canada Geese
The main reason people don't want Canada geese around is the poop. Whether you want the geese to leave or want to find a way to live with them, there are nonlethal solutions.

Are Hunters Environmentalists?
Hunters often tout their role in conserving the environment, but are they really environmentalists?

Do Hunters Pay for Wildlife Conservation?
Hunters in the United States claim that they pay for wildlife conservation, but the truth is that they pay for a very, very small portion of wildlife conservation in the United States.

What is the Endangered Species Act ?
What is the Endangered Species Act? What is the purpose of the ESA? What activities are prohibited under the ESA, and which federal agencies administer the ESA?

What is CITES and How Does it Protect Endangered Species?
CITES is an acronym for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. But how does CITES work, and what is or isn't covered by CITES?

Is Hunting the Solution to Factory Farming?
Factory farming is an environmental nightmare and the intense confinement is horribly cruel. Could hunting be the answer?

What's Wrong with Livestock Grazing on Public Lands?
The Bureau of Land Management manages 256 million acres of public lands in the United States, and allows livestock grazing on 160 million acres of that land. Environmental, taxpayer and wildlife advocates object to the grazing of livestock on public lands for different reasons.

Costa Rica and Botswana Ban Hunting
Costa Rica is now the first country in the Americas to ban sport hunting, and Botswana becomes at least the third country to ban hunting in Africa.

Animals Bred and Released for Hunting - Partridges, Quail, Pheasants
Many non-hunters are unaware of state and private programs that breed animals just so hunters can kill them.

Japan Iceland Norway Commercial Whaling – How Can Japan, Iceland and Norway...
Japan Iceland Norway Commercial Whaling – How Can Japan, Iceland and Norway Conduct Commercial Whaling

What is Dolphin-Safe Tuna?
Do some cans of tuna contain dolphin meat? How are dolphins harmed in tuna fishing? What is dolphin-safe tuna? Should I buy dolphin-safe tuna?

How are Deer Managed by State Wildlife Agencies?
Learn about financial incentives for state wildlife agencies to manage deer as a resource for hunters, as well as the strategies to increase the deer population on state wildlife management lands, including clear-cutting, farmer lease programs and plantings of deer-preferred vegetation. Quotes from state agencies of Arizona, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.

Wildlife and Animal Rights Blog Posts 2008 - 2014
Wildlife, hunting, endangered species, whales, human overpopulation blog posts from 2008-2014.

What is an Endangered Species?
Definition of "endangered species" under the Endangered Species Act and in lay terms.

Shark Finning FAQ
Are bans against shark fin soup racist? What is shark finning? Why is it considered cruel? Is it illegal? How many sharks are killed this way?

Sportsmen's Heritage Bills Threaten Animals and Environment
The purpose of the bills is to weaken the laws that protect for animals and the environment, in order to expand hunting and fishing opportunities.

Biological Arguments Against Hunting
Learn how and why state wildlife management agencies increase the deer population - just so the deer can be hunted. Also learn about overpopulation, biological carrying capacity, overabundant deer, browse lines, forest succession, and evolution.

Does Hunting Reduce Lyme Disease?
Does Hunting Reduce Lyme Disease?

What is a Canned Hunt?
Even some hunters find canned hunting morally objectionable.

What's Wrong With Bear Baiting?
Bear baiting is the controversial hunting practice where a hunter puts out food for the bears and then shoots one or more bears who come to the food. In addition to violating the principle of "fair chase," baiting is bad for the environment. From an animal rights viewpoint, killing bears for trophies or meat is unethical, regardless of the methods used, but there are additional reasons to oppose bear baiting.

Japan Stops Whaling - Japan Ends Antarctic Whaling Season
Japan Stops Whaling - Japan Ends Antarctic Whaling Season

What is Biological Carrying Capacity?
What is biological carrying capacity, and how is it different from cultural carrying capacity?

Fifty Exotic Animals Killed in Zanesville OH
Terry Thompson apparently released 56 of his exotic animals, including lions, tigers, wolves, leopards and bears, before committing suicide on October 18, 2011. Authorities killed 48 animals, one was hit and killed by a motorist, one monkey was killed by one of the big cats, and six animals were taken to a zoo.

What is Cultural Carrying Capacity?
What is cultural carrying capacity, and how does it differ from biological carrying capacity?

What is Jacklighting?
What is jacklighting, and why is it illegal in some areas?

Call of Life - Film Review
"Call of Life," a film by Species Alliance, is a documentary about the alarming sixth mass extinction on earth and its causes. The film is an excellent introduction to the issue and discusses the six direct drivers of the mass extinction: pollution, invasive species, global warming, human overpopulation, over-exploitation and habitat loss.

International Whaling Commission's 2011 Meeting Ends in Controversy
The IWC's 2011 meeting included adopting measures against bribery, a resolution against "fanatical and irresponsible" activists, and a delegate walkout.

Taiji Japan Dolphin Slaughter
Approximately 1,500 dolphins are slaughtered in the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan. A small number are captured and sold to aquariums to suffer in captivity.

What is Poaching?
Whether an activity constitutes "poaching" will vary in different jurisdictions.

Hazzard County Squirrel Slam and Animal Rights
The Hazzard County Squirrel Slam sounds like something out of a Mark Twain novel or a Dukes of Hazzard episode, but it's taking place in the 21st century, in upstate New York, USA.

What is Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up?
Shoot, shovel and shut up is an illegal way of dealing with animals.

WikiLeaks Docs: U.S. and Japan Conspired to Legalize Whaling and Stop Sea...
Documents released by WikiLeaks show discussions between the U.S. and Japan on how to thwart the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and legalize whaling.

Animal Extinction - What is an Animal Extinction?
Definition of "animal extinction."

Images from the NJ Bear Hunt Protest - December 8, 2012

What is a Pigeon Shoot?
More target practice than hunting, pigeon shoots are considered especially cruel.

Japanese Whaling Declared Illegal
Court finds Japanese whaling violates international whaling ban; doesn't fit science exception. Japan must cease whaling in Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

Living with Black Bears - Minimizing Human/Black Bear Conflicts
Black bears are timid creatures, but they get in trouble when they go through garbage cans, or break into cars, garages, sheds and enclosed porches. By following a few common sense guidelines, we can minimize conflicts with black bears and learn to live in harmony with these magnificent creatures.

Should Zoos Keep Endangered Species?
Zoos are widely regarded as guardians of endangered species, so why do animal rights activists object to zoos keeping endangered species?

How Many People are Killed or Injured in Hunting Accidents?
According to the International Hunter Education Association, approximately 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year

Honey Bee Deaths Linked to Pesticide Use
A new study out of Harvard University shows a link between the mysterious mass deaths of honey bees and insecticide use.

What is Deer "Overabundance"?
Instead of using scientific terms, wildlife management agencies will use the word “overabundant” to describe the deer population. “Overabundant” is not a scientific word and has no scientific definition. It has nothing to do with overpopulation or biolgocial carrying capacity.

Why the 2005 NJ Black Bear Hunt was Illegal
In 2007, a unanimous decision from the NJ Appellate Division declared that New Jersey's 2005 black bear hunt and 2005 black bear management policy were illegal. Here's why.

Humane, Homemade Fruit Fly Trap
Step by step instructions, with photos, for how to make a humane, homemade fruit fly trap. And chances are, you won't have to buy anything.

Study Finds BLM Wild Horse Roundups Unscientific, Expensive, and Unproductive
A study by the National Academy of Sciences has found that the Bureau of Land Management's wild horse round-ups are unscientific, ineffective, expensive and unpopular.

Effects of Toxic Lead Shot and Lead Fishing Sinkers on the Environment
What's wrong with hunting with lead shot and fishing with lead sinkers? How does lead poison our wildlife and our environment? How much lead is released into the environment each year by hunters and anglers? How is lead regulated in the United States?

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting seeks to eliminate sport hunting. The Committee is a project of Wildlife Watch.

Net and Bolt Cruelty
Netting and bolting is a cruel, lethal method of deer population control that is usually opposed by both hunters and animal advocates.

Live Safely With Deer
A website from Friends of Animals with information on how to reduce human/deer conflicts.

GeesePeace advocates non-violent solutions to human/geese conflicts.

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