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Animal Legal Defense Fund


Name and Contact Info:

Animal Legal Defense Fund
170 East Cotati Avenue
Cotati, CA 94931
Phone: (707) 795-2533
Fax: (707) 795-7280


Founded by Joyce Tishcler in 1979.

Main Issue(s):

Founded by attorneys, ALDF advances the rights of animals through the legal system. ALDF works for stronger animal protection laws, as well as enforcement of existing laws. ALDF also provides support for legal professionals who are interested in teaching animal law or are handling animal law cases.

Current Campaigns:

ALDF is promoting an “Animal Bill of Rights” that they are asking the public to sign and discuss with their legislators. The group also advocates all states having felony animal cruelty statutes. At any given time, ALDF is involved in a number of lawsuits to protect animals and to make sure that animal abusers are prosecuted.

Notable Past Campaigns:

ALDF helped establish the Great Ape Legal Project to gain legal personhood status for great apes. In 1999, ALDF won a case establishing the right of animal activists to sue federal agencies over their treatment of animals under the Animal Welfare Act. In 1981, the organization successfully stopped the U.S. Navy from killing 5,000 wild burros.

Notable Slogans:

“We may be the only lawyers on earth whose clients are all innocent.”
“Abuse an Animal, Go to Jail.”
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