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How to Help Animals


Yes, you can help animals! Changes in our diets, clothing, cosmetics and household products can help animals. And if you're ready to jump into activism, there are lots of different ways to get involved.
  1. Lifestyle Changes
  2. Getting Active

Lifestyle Changes

Without realizing it, many people support animal exploitation and suffering by buying products tested on animals or containing animal products. When it comes to fur, you may not even be able to tell real from fake by reading the label.

Getting Active

You can get active by volunteering for a local shelter, writing letters to the editor, getting involved with grassroots lobbying or joining a protest. While it's possible to be a solo animal rights activist, joining a group will plug you into the animal rights community, even if it's only through an email list. If you join a local group, you'll get to meet other local activists and get involved with local issues where you have the most impact.

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