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Companies and Their Animal-Related Activities

This page will explore various notable companies -- both naughty and nice -- in the field of animals rights. Which fast food chain is known for buying factory-farmed chickens? Which companies test on animals, and which have stopped? Which companies provide cruelty-free vegan products? And which high fashion designer refuses to use fur or leather?

McDonald's and Animal Rights
McDonald’s is the world’s largest user of beef, and of all companies, probably has the most colorful animal rights history. From the longest trial in British history, to the non-vegetarian french fry scandal, to their support of factory farming practices, McDonald’s seems unable to keep themselves out of the campaigns of animal activists.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Animal Rights
Kentucky Fried Chicken is currently the target of PeTA's Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign because they refuse to adopt certain basic animal welfare practices for the one billion chickens they use every year.

Companies that Do/Don't Test on Animals
List of companies that do or don't test on animals, as assembled by PeTA.

Pangea, the Vegan Store
Shop online for vegan, cruelty-free products including cosmetics, shoes, belts, and chocolates.

Stella McCartney
This high fashion designer uses no fur or leather, and her personal care products are not tested on animals.

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