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West Hollywood Passes Fur Ban

WeHo Becomes the First City in the World to Ban the Sale of Fur


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Updated July 03, 2014

The City Council of West Hollywood, CA has unanimously and tentatively approved a ban on the sale of fur, and would be the first city in the country, and possibly the world, to do so. In 1989, West Hollywood declared itself a Cruelty Free Zone for Animals, banning the use of the steel leghold trap and cosmetics testing on animals. Since then, the city has also banned the de-clawing of cats and the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores.

One of the leaders of the Fur Free WeHo campaign, West Hollywood City Council candidate John D'Amico, states, "We have pledged to be a place that is free of cruelty to animals and we can no longer support the barbaric fur trade by selling the products of that cruelty in our City." Whether raised on factory farms, trapped in the wild, or bludgeoned on an ice floe, the animals killed for fur lose their lives and suffer terribly, just for the sake of human vanity.

The ban applies to the sale of apparel items made with the pelt of an animal with the fur, wool or hair attached. Leather is not included in the ban. The Council must still give the ordinance their final approval, at which time they will decide the effective date of the ban and whether the ban will apply to used clothing.

The Countil vote took place in the early morning hours on Tuesday, September 20, after a seven-hour hearing that began the previous evening.

Predictably, the Chamber of Commerce, the Fur Information Council of America, and some local retailers opposed the bill, and the Fur Council has even commissioned a study on the economic impact of the ban. City Council members have committed to speaking with them regarding their concerns.

This page will be updated as the story develops.

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