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Animals Used in Clothing - Fur, Leather, Wool, Silk

Fur, wool, silk and leather are some of the ways animals are used to make clothing. Many have encountered fur protests and have seen the video footage of baby seals being clubbed to death for their fur. Probably less familiar are the issues surrounding wool, silk and leather. We’ll explore the issues surrounding each of these, and also discuss the vegan alternatives.

Animal Rights and Fur - Trapped in the Wild
Approximately 10 million animals are trapped and killed worldwide each year for fur. Several U.S. states and many countries have banned the steel-jawed leg hold trap, which is notorious for its cruelty. Trappers now get around this ban by using other types of traps, including snare traps, conibear traps or leg hold traps with a thin layer of padding added. If you spend time in the woods with your dog or cat, it is important to carry rope and wire cutters, and learn how to release these traps.

Animal Rights and Fur - Factory Farmed Fur
Fur and Animal Rights: Approximately 30 million animals are raised in cages and killed worldwide for fur every year. Methods of killing on fur farms include breaking the animal’s neck, gassing, lethal injection, genital electrocution and anal electrocution.

Animal Rights and Fur - Baby Seals Clubbed on the Ice
Every year, hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals are clubbed to death in front of their mothers by Canadian fishermen. The quota set by the Canadian government for 2008 was 275,000 seals. The event has turned into an annual spectacle, with animal protection groups attempting to document the slaughter from ships or helicopters.

How to Tell Fake Fur From Real Fur
Is it fake fur or real fur? Labels are not always correct, and you can't always tell by looking and touching, but there is one fool-proof test.

What is Mulesing?
What is mulesing, and why do animal activists say that it's cruel?

Why Vegans Don't Wear Silk
Some people are surprised that vegans don't wear silk. Find out what silk is, how silk is made, and why vegans don't wear silk.

Fur and Animals Used for Clothing Blog Posts 2008 - 2014
Furl, feathers, and Animals Used for Clothing - Index of Blog Posts 2008 - 2014

Angora: Cruelty to Rabbits
Whether the fur is plucked or shorn, angora is the product of cruelty to rabbits.

Cruelty-free Humane Feather Hair Extensions
Step by step instructions to make DIY humane, cruelty-free feather extensions for hair. Includes close-up, color photos and photo of all supplies.

Down Coats, Comforters, and Animal Cruelty

What's Wrong with Wool? Why Don't Vegans Wear Wool?

WTO Upholds EU Ban on Seal Products
The WTO decision upholding the EU ban on seal products is a landmark case, because it is the first time that animal welfare has been recognized as a legitimate public moral concern in international trade agreements.

West Hollywood Passes Fur Ban
West Hollywood, CA is poised to become the first city in the world to ban the sale of fur.

Interview with Shannon Keith of Fur Free WeHo
Interview with Shannon Keith, animal rights attorney and a campaign co-organizer for Fur Free West Hollywood. In September of 2011, West Hollywood, CA became the first town in the United States to ban the sale of fur.

Fur Kills - by In Defense of Animals
A campaign to educate consumers, target fur retailers, and advocate enforcement of the federal ban on dog and cat fur.

Fur Free Friday
Fur Free Friday is a national day of protest against fur. The protest takes place annually on the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.

Fur is Dead
Learn about the cruelty involved in fur production, whether the animal is caught in a trap or raised on a fur farm, at this PETA website.

Shop for Vegan Shoes
Based in New York City, Moo Shoes offers fashionable, animal-free shoes, belts, purses and more.

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