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Animals Used for Food: Factory Farming, Vegetarianism, and Veganism

Over nine billion animals are killed for food in the US every year. Most of these are confined in factory farms and are inhumanely crowded and fed a diet laced with hormones and antibiotics before they are slaughtered. This page will explore the issues surrounding factory farming, "humane" farming, vegetarianism and veganism.
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Meat and Animal Rights
What is the animal rights position on meat? Is there anything wrong with humanely raised and slaughtered meat?

What's Wrong with Meat
People are eating less meat, or going vegan and vegetarian, because of the many health, environmental and animal welfare concerns about meat.

Milk and the Veal Connection
Few people understand how their purchase of milk is connected to the veal industry, when in fact, veal is a by-product of the dairy industry.

Meat and Animal Welfare
What are the animal welfare concerns about meat? What is wrong about the way that animals are raised and slaughtered in modern factory farming?

The Effects of Meat on the Environment
Unbiased, scientific data from the United Nations shows the negative impact of meat and animal agriculture on the environment.

Pink Slime FAQ
What is pink slime? How is it made? Is it safe to eat? How can I avoid pink slime?

Milk Facts - What's Wrong with Milk?
Objections to milk include animal rights concerns, environmental issues and human health risks.

Meat and the Environment; Waste of Resources
Meat and other animal products are an inefficient use of resources and a serious environmental issue.

Meat and the Environment; Pollution and Greenhouse Gases
Meat and other animal products are a serious environmental issue. Livestock produce greenhouse gases while their waste threatens our water supply and aquatic ecosystems.

Meat and the Environment; Is Free-Range, Organic, or Local Meat Better
Meat and other animal products are an inefficient use of resources and a serious environmental issue. Are free-range, organic or local meat the answer?

What's Wrong with Grazing on Public Lands?

Shark Finning FAQ
Are bans against shark fin soup racist? What is shark finning? Why is it considered cruel? Is it illegal? How many sharks are killed this way?

What is Dolphin-Safe Tuna?
Do Some Cans of Tuna Contain Dolphin Meat? What do dolphins have to do with tuna fishing?

How Eating Pork Affects the Swine Flu Outbreak
You probably won’t get swine flu from eating pork, but you will help spread the disease and increase the chances of another epidemic.

Why Do We Have Factory Farming?
Why do we have factory farming when so many people believe in animal welfare and object to factory farming?

What's Wrong with Chicken?
Chicken consumption in the United States has been on the rise since the 1940s, but concerns about animal rights, factory farming, sustainability, and human health are causing some people to swear off chicken meat and go vegetarian and vegan.

Index of Blog Posts on Farmed Animals 2008 - 2014
Index of blog posts from 2008-2014 about farmed animals, factory farming, vegan food, and "humane" meat.

What's Wrong with Eating Pork?
The reasons for not eating pork include animal rights, animal welfare, the environment and human health.

Arguments For and Against Genetically Modified Organisms
Arguments for GMOs seem compelling - crops that grow faster, with less fertilizer, less pesticides, and more nutrients. But in our rush for solutions, are we overlooking the risks?

What's Wrong with Eating Beef?
Between the animal protection issues, environmental issues and health issues, there are plenty of reasons not to eat beef.

What's Wrong with Eating Turkey

Obama and Congress Legalize Horse Slaughter
In November of 2011, both houses of Congress and President Barack Obama passed an appropriations bill that had the effect of legalizing horse slaughter for human consumption.

Photos from the Veggie Pride Parade, 2012

Veggie Pride Parade 2010 Photos
Photos from the Third Annual Veggie Pride Parade in New York City, May 16, 2010

Veggie Pride Parade 2009 Photos
Photos from the NYC Veggie Pride Parade, May 17, 2009

Arguments For and Against Horse Slaughter
While animal advocates argue against horse slaughter, some horse breeders and owners say that horse slaughter is a necessary evil. Issues include overbreeding, horse racing, and financial factors.

Why are Horses Sold for Slaughter?
Why are horses sold for slaughter? Unlike farms with cows, pigs and chickens, no one in the US seems to be breeding horses specifically for slaughter, so where do the horses come from?

Rescued Animals at Farm Sanctuary
Photos of rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, NY, USA

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) - Profile
Profile, background and history of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

What is Humane Meat?
What is humane meat, and how is it different from factory farmed meat?

Whats Wrong with Grass-Fed Beef?
Although the production of feedlot beef is widely recognized as environmentally irresponsible, few people realize how destructive grass-fed beef is.

Vegetarian Summerfest 2012
Dr. Stephan Esser, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Vegetarian Summerfest, 2012

What is a Battery Cage?
Battery cages are used in factory farming for egg-laying hens. How big is a battery cage, and why do animal advocates object to battery cages?

Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary is a shelter for rescued animals, as well as an advocacy organization. The organization operates shelters in New York and California.

Genetically Engineered or GMO Salmon
What is genetically engineered or GMO salmon, and what's wrong with it?

Horse and Pig Meat Found in UK Hamburgers
In January, 2013, horse meat and pork were found in hamburgers in the UK that were supposed to contain only beef.

Vegetarian Summerfest 2013
The Vegetarian Summerfest is an annual conference organized by the North American Vegetarian Society. The conference features vegan meals, cooking demos, social events, and speakers on health, environment and animal rights.

United Poultry Concerns
UPC advocates veganism and the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

Vegetarian Summerfest
An annual vegetarian conference organized by the North American Vegetarian Society. All meals served during the 5-day event are vegan.

NYC Veggie Pride Parade 2011
Images from 2011 NYC Veggie Pride Parade

Photos from the Brooklyn Food Conference, May 12, 2012
Photos from the Brooklyn Food Conference, May 12, 2012.

Peaceful Prarie Sanctuary
Peaceful Prarie is a sanctuary in Colorado for rescued farmed animals, and advocates veganism.

Veggie Pride Parade 2013

What's Wrong with Eggs?
What's wrong with eating eggs? Eating eggs is bad for animals, the environment and human health.

What are Ag-Gag Laws and Why Are They Dangerous?
Several state legislatures have considered "ag-gag" laws that would protect animal abusers and punish whistleblowers. What are "Ag-Gag" laws, and why are they dangerous?

The Great American Meatout
Organized by the Farm Animal Rights Movement and based on the Great American Smokeout, the Great American Meatout takes place on the first day of spring, March 20, every year.

Why are factory farmed animals given antibiotics and hormones such as rBGH?
Factory farms cannot afford to care about animals collectively or individually. The animals are merely a product, and antibiotics and growth hormones such as rBGH are employed to make the operation more profitable.

Vegan Action
Vegan Action raises public awareness of the benefits of a vegan diet.

Vegan Outreach
Vegan advocacy group, and publishers of the popular "Why Vegan" booklet.

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