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Basic Animal Rights Issues


An introduction to animal rights issues such as animal agriculture, veganism, vivisection, fur, pets, companion animals, wildlife, hunting, zoos, circuses, and animal law.
  1. Meat, Animal Agriculture and Veganism
  2. Vivisection - Dissection, Experimentation and Testing
  3. Fur
  4. Animal Law
  5. Widlife Management

Meat, Animal Agriculture and Veganism


With nine billion animals being slaughtered for human consumption in the US every year, animal agriculture is the biggest issue in the animal rights movement today. Campaigns focus on abolishing specific cruel practices as well as advocating veganism.

Vivisection - Dissection, Experimentation and Testing

Rats in Laboratory

Vivisection is literally the cutting of a living being, including dissection, medical research, and testing of cosmetics and household products.


Fox on fur farm

An average of 40 animals is required to make one fur coat. Whether the animal is trapped in the wild, bludgeoned on an ice floe, or bred on a factory farm, fur represents death and suffering.

Animal Law

Scales of Justice

Not actually a single area of law practice, animal law encompasses a variety of issues, including animal cruelty, pet trusts, custody battles, housing, humane agriculture laws, and wildlife protection. The information on this website is not legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Widlife Management


Issues surrounding wildlife management include hunting, endangered species, and human/wildlife conflicts.

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