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The Ghosts In Our Machine Review - Film Review

The Ghosts In Our Machine is a documentary about animal exploitation and about Jo-Anne McArthur, a Canadian animal rights activist and professional photographer whose mission is to take her photographs and the animals' stories to the public, to expose animal cruelty and abuse.

Animals Bred and Released for Hunting - Partridges, Quail, Pheasants

Many non-hunters are unaware of state and private programs that breed animals just so hunters can kill them.

What is the Difference Between a Vegan and a Vegetarian?

A vegan is a kind of vegetarian, but not all vegetarians are vegans. Vegans do not eat milk, eggs or honey, but veganism goes beyond diet.

What Will Happen to the Animals if Everyone Goes Vegan?

If everyone goes vegan, what would happen to the animals? Won't we have to kill them anyway? Will some of them be pets?

Is it Illegal to Kill a Praying Mantis? Are they Endangered? Protected?

Killing a praying mantis may be illegal depending on which state you are in, but even if it is legal in your state, there are other reasons not to kill a praying mantis.

Aquariums and Animal Rights - What's Wrong with Aquariums?

Why do animal rights activists oppose aquariums? Do fish and have rights? What are the concerns about keeping marine mammals in captivity?

Why Adopt a Pet from a Shelter?

How many cats and dogs are killed in shelters each year? How adoption rescues animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, birds and other pets.

Why It’s Wrong to Test on Animals

Vivisection FAQ: Why do animal rights activists oppose animal experimentation? Isn’t there a law to protect animals in laboratories? Doesn’t the end justify the means?

Why You Should Not Give Pets Away Free to a Good Home

Giving animals away free to a good home can lead to your pets being abused, tortured, killed and/or used for experiments. Avoid placing "Free to a Good Home" ads, an instead, charge a small adoption fee.

Vegan and Vegetarian Travel Tips

Tips for vegans and vegetarians, traveling domestically and internationally - finding restaurants, bakeries, and fellow vegans.

Meat and Animal Welfare

What are the animal welfare concerns about meat? What is wrong about the way that animals are raised and slaughtered in modern factory farming?

Is Bill Clinton Vegan?

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton has switched to a mostly plant-based diet, lost weight, and now advocates a diet free of meat, eggs and dairy for everyone. While Clinton is often described as "vegan" and is seen as a vegan advocate, he is not vegan because he occasionally eats eggs and fish. Formerly known for his love of fast food, the 42nd president changed his diet for his own health, the environment, and the country's current health care crisis.

Meat and Animal Rights

What is the animal rights position on meat? Is there anything wrong with humanely raised and slaughtered meat?

Why Laboratory-Grown Meat is Not Vegan

Laboratory-grown meat would still contain animal products, would still be a waste of resources, and would still require animal use and suffering.

You are Stronger Than You Think You Are - You Can Go Vegan

If I could go back in time, and talk to myself before I was vegan, this is what I'd say.

Overview of the 28 Hour Law for Livestock Transport

Federal law dictates that livestock being transported but be given a five hour rest every 28 hours, when they can eat, drink and move around. But like the Humane Slaughter Act, the 28 Hour Law excludes chickens, which make up 90% of the land animals slaughtered for food in the United States

Overview of the Humane Slaughter Act

The Humane Slaughter Act is one of the few protections offered to farmed animals in the United States. The law is problematic from an animal welfare point of view, and oxymoronic from an animal rights viewpoint.

Veganphobia - the Irrational Fear and Opposition to Veganism

Veganphobia is an irrational fear and opposition to veganism, caused by cultural conditioning, fear of the unknown and denial.

Vegan FAQ - Why Not Just Regulate Factory Farms

Vegan FAQ: "I'll never be vegan. You'll never make the whole world vegan. Why don't you just work to make factory farms more humane?"

Comparing and Contrasting the Animal Rights and Environmental Movements

Animal rights groups and environmental groups often work together, but do not always have the same goals and sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of an issue.

Study Finds BLM Wild Horse Roundups Unscientific, Expensive, and Unproductive

A study by the National Academy of Sciences has found that the Bureau of Land Management's wild horse round-ups are unscientific, ineffective, expensive and unpopular.

Twelve Year Old Kevin V. Storm Hosts a Weekly Vegan Radio Show

Interview with Kevin V Storm - 12 year old Vegan Radio Host

Interview with Jenny Brown, Co-founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Jenny Brown, Co-founder and Executive Director of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, talks about why she went vegan, how they have an eight year old turkey, and what to do if you want to open your own sanctuary for farmed animals.

Interview with Michael Weber of Farm Animal Rights Movement

Interview with Michael Weber of Farm Animal Rights Movement

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Hurricane Katrina taught us that people will risk life and limb to save their pets in an emergency. In the U.S., state governments now must take pets into account in disaster prepardness plans, and there are steps we can all take to prepare ourselves and our pets for these emergencies.

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