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What Do Vegans Eat and What Is Veganism? - Animal Rights
What is veganism? Veganism is not a fad diet, but in fact, a philosophy and a way of living that encompasses more than what is on your plate.
What Is the Difference Between a Vegan and a Vegetarian?
A vegan is a kind of vegetarian, but not all vegetarians are vegans. Vegans do not eat milk, eggs or honey, but veganism goes beyond diet.
What Can Vegans Eat - Animal Rights - About.com
Veganism is not about sacrifice, and it's not involuntary like a food allergy. It's a conscious decision not to participate in animal exploitation any longer. Veganism  ...
What Is a Vegan? What Do Vegans Eat?
Definition of vegan. Wondering what a vegan is or what vegans eat, then you`ve come to the right place!
Vegan FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Veganism
Vegan FAQ: How do you get your protein? Isn't it hard to be vegan? Haven't we evolved to be omnivores? Plus other common questions about veganism.
Veganism is Not a Sacrifice - Animal Rights - About.com
Many consider veganism to be an exercise in self-denial and self-sacrifice, but it's not a sacrifice to give up something that wasn't ever rightfully yours.
Types of Vegetarians - Vegetarian Food - About.com
Vegetarian? Vegan? Flexitarian? What does it all mean? Understanding the many different options available to you is the first step towards adopting a ...
How to Transition to Veganism from a Meat Heavy Diet - Vegan Food
With the assortment of vegan friendly products available today, it can be quite a natural transition as you replace many of your favorite foods with vegan versions.
Vegan Earth Day - Animal Rights - About.com
Earth Day is the perfect time to consider vegansim. Going vegan uses fewer resources, reduces pollution, and is kind to animals.
Why Vegans Do Not Eat Honey - Bees and Animal Rights
While arguments against honey may not be as easy to understand as those against meat or fur, for vegans, any exploitation of an animal is a violation of that  ...
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