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Basic Tenets of Animal Rights - About.com
Animal rights is the belief that animals have an intrinsic value separate from any value they have to humans, and are worthy of moral consideration. They have a ...
Famous Animal Rights Myths and Facts - About.com
Fact: Animal rights activists have expanded their circle of compassion so that it includes non-human animals as well as people, but caring about non-human ...
Top 8 Arguments Against Animal Rights - About.com
Eight of the most common arguments against animals rights, as well as responses to those arguments.
How Can People Work for Animal Rights Instead of Human Rights ...
How animal rights activists can work for animal rights instead of human rights is a question that is posed to AR activists at countless protests and outreach tables, ...
Animal Rights (Articles, Laws, Facts and Issues)
Also gives tips on how to get active and how to start your own animal rights group . The site also includes an animal rights blog and a discussion forum.
Top 10 Animal Rights Issues
The top 10 animals rights issues, including human overpopulation, veganism, factory farming, animal experimentation, pets, and hunting.
Environment and Animal Rights - Contrast and Compare
The environmental movement and the animal rights movement often have similar goals, but the philosophies are different and sometimes cause the two camps ...
Why It's Wrong to Experiment and Test on Animals - Animal Rights
The debate about whether to conduct experiments on animals, known in the animal rights community as vivisection, is one of the most difficult to understand.
Arguments for and Against Keeping Pets - Animal Rights - About.com
Do Animal Rights Activists Want to Take My Pets Away? Because of pet overpopulation, just about all animal activists would probably agree that we should spay ...
Vegetarian Paul McCartney - Profile of Animal Rights Supporter and ...
Animal rights supporter Paul McCartney is a musician, most known for being a member of the Beatles and half of the Lennon-McCartney songwriting team.
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