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Bob Barker - Animal Rights Profile of Bob Barker
Bob Barker, the former host of The Price is Right, is a long-time animal rights supporter. Barker has made numerous million-dollar donations for animal rights,  ...
Bob Barker Returns to 'The Price is Right' - Game Shows - About.com
Bob Barker was the host of The Price is Right for 35 years, and retired in 2007. His fans are still loyal, and were in for a big treat on March 25 2009, when Barker  ...
Bob Barker Returns to The Price is Right - Bob Barker Closeup Photo
Closeup of Bob Barker, former host of The Price is Right. Barker returned to the show in April 2009 to promote his new book, Priceless Memories.
Price is Right Models with Bob Barker - Game Shows - About.com
Bob Barker waves to the audience along with the Price is Right models. Barker returned to The Price is Right to promote his book.
Bob Barker Entrance - Game Shows - About.com
Bob Barker makes his entrance on his return visit to The Price is Right, surrounded by copies and photos of his book, Priceless Memories.
Bob Barker Autographs His Book for Drew Carey - The Price is Right ...
Former Price is Right host Bob Barker autographs his book, Priceless Memories, for Drew Carey during his recent visit to the show.
Bob Barker on The Price is Right - Former Host Bob Barker Returns
Bob Barker was the host of The Price is Right for 35 years, so it was an emotional episode when he returned to the set for the first time since his retirement.
Bob Barker Visits The Price is Right - Drew Carey and Bob Barker
Bob Barker and Drew Carey together on the set of The Price is Right.
Drew Carey Sits with Bob Barker on The Price is Right - Game Shows
In interviews, Barker has said that he doesn't watch The Price is Right regularly, and hasn't made many comments at all on his replacement, Drew Carey. On the ...
Drew Carey on The Price is Right – How's He Doing? - Game Shows
Some seem to enjoy his "every-man" appeal, while others are simply looking for a sleek new replacement comparable to Bob Barker. Before the new season ...
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