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Animal Law - Animal Rights - About.com
Not actually a single area of law practice, animal law encompasses a variety of issues, including animal cruelty, pet trusts, custody battles, housing, humane ...
Overview of the 28 Hour Law for Livestock Transport - Animal Rights
First passed in 1873, the 28 Hour Law has been called the nation's first federal humane law. However, the law has problems both from an animal welfare and an  ...
Animals as Property - Animal Rights - About.com
About.com · About News & Issues · Animal Rights · Animal Law, Including Animal ... One of the basic tenets of animal rights is that animals should be free from ...
Animal Law Enforcement Careers - Animal Careers - About.com
There are quite a few options for those interested in animal law enforcement careers.
Animal Lawyer - Animal Careers - About.com
Animal law professionals may publish case studies in a journal dedicated to the study of animal law. Such publications include Animal Law Review, the Journal ...
Humane Law Enforcement Officer - Career Profile
Humane law enforcement officers and agents, more commonly known as animal cops, serve society by helping those who can't help themselves. Animals and ...
What Does an Animal Rights Attorney Do - About.com
There is no one area of law in which all animal rights attorneys practice, because animal issues span many areas of law. Animal rights lawyers have a variety of ...
What Are Ag-Gag Laws and Why Are They ... - Animal Rights
Kansas was the first state to enact an ag-gag law, in 1990. ... These bills are troubling not only to animal protection activists, but also to those concerned with ...
Top 10 Animal Rights Issues - About.com
The top 10 animals rights issues, including human overpopulation, veganism, factory farming, animal experimentation, pets, and hunting.
Animal Control Officer - Animal Careers - About.com
Animal control officers enforce laws related to humane animal care. ... Animal Cruelty Investigator · Animal Rescue Careers · Animal Law Enforcement Careers  ...
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