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Animal Cruelty - Definition and Laws - Animal Rights - About.com
The term "animal cruelty" gets thrown around a lot, but an animal activist's definition of animal cruelty may be very different from that of a hunter, a vivisector or a ...
What is the Definition of Animal Abuse? - Animal Rights - About.com
What is animal abuse, and how does it differ from animal cruelty?
Animal Cruelty and Circuses - Animal Rights - About.com
Most accusations of animal cruelty in circuses focus on the elephants, but from an animal rights perspective, no animals should be forced to perform tricks in ...
The Connection between animal abuse and violent crimes
The connection between animal abuse and violence toward people is vividly demonstrated by the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz and the ...
Animal Cruelty Investigator - Animal Careers - About.com
Animal cruelty investigators look into reports of animal cruelty and enforce laws related to such cases.
Animal abuse and neglect photo gallery from the SPCA - before and ...
This is a companion gallery to my six-part interview with Beth Brookhouser of the Monterey County SPCA in California. In this gallery, see some startling before ...
Cruelty Connection - the Link Between Violent Crimes and Animal ...
With our increased awareness, we have also discovered that there is a terribly frightening connection between cruelty toward animals as children and violent ...
What's Wrong With Eggs - Animal Rights and Animal Cruelty
What's wrong with eating eggs? Eating eggs is bad for animals, the environment and human health.
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and Animal Cruelty - Animal Rights
Aside from basic animal rights arguments against using dogs for entertainment or to pull sleds, many people object to the Iditarod because of the animal cruelty ...
Have you ever reported a case of animal neglect or cruelty?
Animal neglect and cruelty is something that is hard to think about. We take good care of our pets. Doesn't everybody? Besides, someone else will fix the ...
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