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Scientific Requirements of Endangered Species Act Restored

By April 29, 2009

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Spotted Owl
Spotted Owl
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Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced yesterday that they would revoke the Bush administration's 11th hour changes to the scientific consultation requirements of the Endangered Species Act. In its last weeks, the Bush administration removed the requirement that federal agencies consult with scientists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine whether projects such as roads, dams or mines would harm endangered species. Salazar explained:

Because science must serve as the foundation for decisions we make, federal agencies proposing to take actions that might affect threatened and endangered species will once again have to consult with biologists at the two departments.

Locke stated:

For decades, the Endangered Species Act has protected threatened species and their habitats . . . Our decision affirms the administration's commitment to using sound science to promote conservation and protect the environment.

Organizations applauding the decision include Defenders of Wildlife, the Humane Society of the US, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. When the Bush administration removed the scientific consultation requirement, then President-elect Obama said that he would reverse the change, so unlike Obama's decision to get a dog from a breeder, this action by the Obama administration is a promise fulfilled.


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April 30, 2009 at 10:09 am
(1) Irish says:

At least he kept 1 promise!

May 1, 2009 at 9:10 pm
(2) Susan anclam says:

I have a rescue dog from an awful place, both puppy mill and dog fighting den. The cowards fled my state. They are in Philadelaphia, Pennsylvania. it is truly gruesome what they did to my now adopted dog, Pebbles. I fear for the animals in their hands and I can’t sleep. Is anyone able to tell me how I may track them legally? The State POlice in New York were no help, no reply from the local sheriff, and I would like to press charges against them. I have the means to travel and I would travel to Pennsylvania. I can’t get any information on them from the Police, I’ve done a Freedom of Information form and will make a complaint, however, It is the fox watching the hen house. I tried the SPCA,fairly recently, but didn’t get a reply. The Police have no interest in the welfare of animals. Thanks. But just to take these people to court and let me and my pebbles face them down in court would be a start to changing laws. Pebbles eyes were slit, her Teeth pulled and near death, no fur and bloodied in a sub-zero basement. They didn’t think anyone cared or knew and would do anything about Pebbles.I’m ashamed to say it,but I have a burning hatred for them. A horse was found shot to death on their property in Jan. 09. Two of the horses are still missing. There were many shot gun casing on the porch the day I rescued my Pebbles. I want them and Pebbles is a sweet dog, she is getting well.

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